Hu.M.C.C. - Human Molecular Colonisation Capacity



Human Molecular Colonization Capacity project dwells on the food industry biotechnological production that is in its fina) form represented as a highly designed yogurt package, containing the product of an artist's enzyme, which is offered to the public to consume while at the same time the package is represented as a hybrid art readymade object exhibited in a gallery. The project stands as a social darwinism experience set paraphrased within the realm of industrial food chain process. 

PDF Hu.M.C.C.booklet


Author: Maja Smrekar Production: Kapelica Gallery 

Type: Transgenic Bioart Interactive Installation In collaboration with: Institute of Biochemistry, Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, The Ljubljana City Council - Cultural Department 

Premiered: Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia