CyberArts 2017 - Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition



The final visual reference in the presentation of the four K-9 topology projects is a dog stacker. This is a training tool, designed for dog breeders or handlers as an aid for correctly stacking their show prospect puppies and young adult dogs. The project series [which consisted of four stages, and took place between 2014 and 2017], is thereby shown formally supported by the ultimate tool for a dog show competition.The dog stacker installation juxtaposes the atmosphere of the four projects with elements of Smrekar's personal mythology, and further intertwines them with fragments of biotechnological facts and tools. The hybrid cell is one of them, shown as a radical possibility of the canine and the human worlds colliding. 

K-9_topology won Prix Ars Electronica 2017 in Hybrid Art - Golden Nica. The Prix Ars Electronica is one of the most important awards in the world for creativity and a pioneering spirit in the field of digital media. The installation has been made for the CyberArts 2017 - Prix Ars Electronica at the OK Offenes Kulturhaus - Center for Contemporary Art Linz as a part of Ars Electronica festival 2017 (September 2017). 


Expert consultancy and support: G. Šutic 

Visual Identity for the project photo: Anže Sekelj, Hana Jošić

Acknowledgment: Ada and Byron 

Production: Kapelica Gallery / Kersnikova Institute, Praksa Institute 

Coproduction: Bandits Mages Rencontres, Freies Museum Berlin 

Supporters: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Department of Culture of the Municipality of Ljubljana, European Comission - FP7 (KiiCS) and Horizon 2020 (DITOs), CNC - Centre national du cinema et de l'image animée