K-9_topology: ARTIST BOOK



The artist's book in a format of 70 x 90 cm is designed in a limited edition, the exhibited version being the first in a series (1/10). Without texts, the book embodies the non-verbal hommage of the optocentric culture, developed by human beings as a result of parallel evolution with dogs. Photographs in the book depict some of the images of the artist's life that had begun before her birth, and at the same time, the mosaic of content was made into a hybrid family album that reflects the memory of the post-humanistic future. There, the dog-human werewolf exists like a reminiscence of the extinct species of men, that is, as a suggestion that our own animality is the one that makes us the most human. 

The book stand formally depicts the form for the device, through which the breeder trains the dog of a specific state, which, according to the rules for a


Concept in the editorial board: Maja Smrekar, Jurij Krpan, Boris Balant 

Design: Boris Balant, HUMAN1ST

Photos by Maja Smrekar, Manuel Vason / Berlin, 2016, Borut Peterlin, Miha Fras, Gjino Sutic, Branko Smrekar, Marija Smrekar, Amar Belmabrouk / Bandits Mages, Verona Gerault / Louve Des Carpates, Miha Krofel / SloWolf 'Page 23 / source https://twit-ter.com/PNationale

Drawings: Maja Smrekar

Book binding: Meta Kojc

Printing: BOXING BOX, Ljubljana, August 2017 

Production: Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, 2017

Executive production: Sandra Sajovic

The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia